During the Eras, Mediterranean’s water had welcomed different and often millenarian Civilizations. Life was concentrated, century by century , over the shores of this immeasurable lake. Here Ulysses adventured the audacious prow of his ship, here the black ships of the Etruscans and Phoenicians sailed, here is the place where Parthenon’s precious stones mirrored themselves, and Pyramids spread out their shades and, again, here Mycenae raised Labyrinths of historic stones; all the glorious cities of the Ancient World, Alexandria, Athens, Antiochus, Syracuse were raised over this sea or in its proximity. This was the place where mankind’s soul and mind elevated themselves to the philosophic speculation, science’s truth and conquered the summit of Art.
Indeed, there was a time when all these people, of these cultures were united in a single, unique Civilization. There was a time when the undulations of this sea unified all these Populations, there was a time where there was no Asia, nor Africa, or Europe, but just one Mother Country universalizing everybody. There was a time when the Syrian merchant was selling his art crafts over the Rhine’s or the Danubio’s iced waters, and, in the remote Brittany, Homer’s poetry was declaimed, or the German studied Plato and Aristotle in the Schools of Rodhes and Athens.

THIS MIRACLE UNIQUE IN THE HISTORY AND NEVER REPETEATED AGAIN HAS ONE AND ONLY NAME: ROME. In fact, only Rome with its laws, tolerance and respect for all the various cultures yet not homologated and disheartened in an anonymous process of basification, but still vital force in the superior and spiritual synthesis of the Imperium, made this possible. Actually, Occident’s History is nothing but a derivation of the Roman History and of the Greek –Roman’s culture: Men of letters, Philosophers, Poets, Mystics, Rulers, Artists, all of them struggled in search of that lost Greatness, of that “humanitas”, emblem of force, wisdom, deepness, refinement and life style, with their minds and hearts filled with nostalgia. Nowadays where the waters of the onetime “ Mare Nostrum” glide over shores cover with blood of fanaticism, feuds, hate and incomprehension, we strongly believe that in the name of Rome, that miracle can recur again. “ROSA ROMANA” has been born with this and only purpose: if somebody may call us dreamers, we answer:“who doesn’t dream, doesn’t create“. To convert a dream in reality depends only upon our determination, faith and, above all, love. Welcome to whoever feels these words as theirs ‘one.